Leh Smart City

Potential Projects

Lively Public Spaces

  • All abilities park with open gym and yoga facilities
  • Iconic place for public recreation

Tourism with focus on Heritage

  • Restoration and beautification of Heritage Properties,
  • development of the heritage tourism using technology
  • Tourism registration and repository system
  • Integrated Eco Tourism hub

Visible Improvement in area

  • All-inclusive Street with provisions for utility duct
  • Development of Non-vehicle zone /street,
  • Pedestrian safety infrastructure promoting walkability

Economic Development

  • Redevelopment of market and market area
  • Development of Urban Haat for Rural art, craft and culture,
  • Entrepreneurship development

Integrated Traffic and Transportation Management System

  • Non-pollution public transport (E-vehicle / E-Bikes with charging stations)
  • Comprehensive Mobility Plan
  • Public transport, Bus stops with route and timing display system


  • Municipal pubic operation and management centre (Water supply, Sewerage, Solid waste management, Traffic and Transportation, Street lights, Climate sensors and early warning system etc)
  • city data collation, analytics, insight generation and predictive analysis for future planning and preparedness,
  • Eyes and ear of City – security and surveillance management,
  • Emergency service operation and management, Traffic and Transportation management,
  • Variable display message system and Digital Public Address system

Social Sector, Health and Education

  • All govt. schools to be converted into smart school,
  • SS School and HS School to have Innovation Centre (provision for IT, Mechanical and Bio laboratory for innovation and co-creation),
  • All govt schools to have 24X7 water supply, sanitation facilities
  • All govt. girls’ schools to have sanitary vending machine


  • All govt. building to have solar rooftop – target to feed day time energy requirement from Non-renewable energy source Integrated Solid waste management
  • Door to collection, transportation, segregation, treatment and disposal
  • Vehicle tracking and monitoring system,
  • SWM vehicle parking and cleaning facility, weigh bridge facility

Sewerage and septage management

  • Sewerage network,
  • Sewerage treatment facility
  • Augmentation of Water supply

    • 24X& water supply system,
    • SCADA,
    • recycle water network

    Resilience and climate improvement

    • Disaster management plan
    • Urban flood and mitigation
    • Leh city resilience action plan